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Remote Bathymetry with commercial satellite imagery.

Bathymetric Map - Created by AAI & Land Tech Consultants

AAI is now providing near shore and riverine analysis products using 4-band commercial satellite imagery. Independently verified depth accuracy to less than one meter and does not require LIDAR or ground truth. >> more

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AAIC® now supporting Landsat 8

Click to download 104 MB Reflectance ImageLandsat 8 Reflectance Image
automatically produced using AAIC

Subset area outlined in Red below.

Area of Interest in Red
Landsat 8 OLI, p12r31 12 Oct 2014

Autonomous Material Identification

Founded in 1984 to solve spectral imaging problems of national interest, AAI relocated its headquarters to Westford, MA in 2008. Since its inception, AAI has been focused on developing approaches and technologies for extracting more detailed and quantitative information from overhead spectral imagery, and using those innovations to provide customers with truly useful, quantitatively defensible answers to real-world problems.

Fully grounded in solid science, AAI's approach and technologies enable both the direct identification of materials and an accurate estimation of their quantities on land and in water without ever having to visit the site. Furthermore, the technologies can do it automatically and adaptively without requiring any knowledge from the ground or about the image characteristics beyond the sensor type and file name. Images can be of any region on Earth, including remote and inaccessible ones. They can also utilize image data from any of a wide range of available commercial and government multispectral and hyperspectral sensors.

AAI's technologies have had major impact in expanding the utility and reliability of information extracted from spectral imagery, and they have made the depth and quality of retrieved information provided by the company's products truly unique in the industry. Although a significant fraction of the technology development funding has come from the defense and intelligence communities, the products enabled by AAI's innovative technologies have direct application to a wide range of environmental, coastal and inland waterway characterization, disaster response, and energy problems. Click the links to the left to learn more about our products and services, and how they may be able to help you address your particular problem.


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